All About Dog Hair Shedding

All About Dog Hair Shedding

Shedding needs to be managed all the time, but some times of year more than others.  Here we look at the process of shedding and also at some dog grooming hints and tips to help you manage shedding at home.

Shedding is a natural process that occurs twice a year.  In March/April the dog looses their winter coat for the summer coat, the reverse process will take place around October/November.

Some breeds will have a slower shedding process, these dogs are called “non shedding” breeds, but remember, all dogs actually shed!

For this article we are going to divide the dogs into 2 groups:
Short hair: Lab, hounds,…
Double coated: Golden Retriever, Leonberger,…

To make sure the dog’s coat is kept at its best during this period, extra grooming is required.

Easy Shedding Advice

For short hair dogs:
A cheap option is to use rubber glove. The dog’s skin is held with one hand, whilst the other one rubs the dog’s coat against the grain, this will remove all the dead hair from your dog’s coat.

For double coated dogs:

I would advise using a brush:

Hand brushing a dog
Rake Type Brush

This brush is perfect for the shedding season as it gets directly into the undercoat and removes the dead hair.

Do not use this type of brush on a matted dog, as the process will be uncomfortable for the dog. The rake will get stuck in the matt and the dog’s skin will be pulled and that will cause pain.

Matted Dog Coats

When the coat is too matted the only option will be to shave the dog’s coat.

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