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Olivier Perrier

Blanchardstown Dog Grooming

Our professional dog groomer is Mr Olivier Perrier. He has always had a keen interest and empathy with animals and is kept busy with his Newfoundland ‘Tess’!

Having worked in shared financial services in Ireland for over ten years, Olivier changed career and focuses now on his passion for dogs. A strong believer in using positive reinforcement techniques when Dog Grooming, Olivier strives to create the best experience for every client in the Blanchardstown Dog Grooming salon.

Professional Dog Grooming

Trained in France to earn his professional grooming qualifications, Olivier interned for over three months at a busy grooming salon in Paris. He also logged over nine hundred hours of theory work to achieve his ‘Assistant Toiletteur – Zoo Cosmétologue Certificat’, ‘Toiletteur – Zoo Cosmétologue Certificat’ and ‘Toiletteur – Zoo Cosmétologue Confirmé Certificat’ qualifications, recognised by the French Craft and Guilds Association.

In Ireland, Olivier has gained the FETAC Level 6 Train the Dog Trainer qualification, with a distinction and the QQI Level 6 Training Delivery and Evaluation certificate.
Olivier is a certified Canine First Aid responder and is currently working on the CAP1 Training Certificate.
He is also a member of the Irish Professional Dog Groomer’s Association & is fully insured.


The Dog Always Comes First

Olivier’s Dog – Tess

At the Blanchardstown Dog Grooming Salon we provide a professional grooming service underpinned by positive reinforcement techniques. For example we plan regular breaks during every groom to ensure the dog has the best possible experience, by keeping stress levels as low as possible.

If a dog fears the noise of a mechanical clipper for instance, we will use tried and trusted positive methods to help them to adjust gradually. If we recognise that a dog is too stressed at any stage we suspend the treatment immediately and reassess.

Our puppy groom helps familiarise dogs with the Salon environment from the very beginning. The positive reinforcement techniques we apply build good associations so they will have great memories of their visits to the Salon, every time.

We accept all dogs for a grooming assessment, including those with special behavioural needs such as fear or anxiety.

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We will always take time to fully discuss your requirements before proceeding with a first booking. We can recommend either a breed standard style or one more suitable for your dog’s, and your own lifestyle.

Give us a call or text or Book an Appointment to drop in to the Dog Grooming Salon, located in Blanchardstown, for a free consultation.