All your different dog grooming, extras and treatment services are listed here, including: Full dog grooming and styling, puppy grooming, dog hand stripping, dog facials, dog pad treatment, dog ear clean treatment and dog nail clip.   

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Dog Grooming Extras

Nail Clip/Ear Cleaning10*Expert Clipping
*Dew Claws
*Ears Checked
Puppy Groom (Small/Large)25/45*Calm Environment
*Gentle Shampoo
*Fluff Dry
Deep Facial Treatment10*Deep Cleansing
*Antioxidant Rich
*Facial Massage
Moisturising Paw Treatment15*Paw Massage
*Sooths Pads
*Moisturising Effect

Dog Grooming Guide Price List

Remember, that additional charges, for extra time, can apply for: 

  • Dogs with matted coats.
  • Sizes and coat types outside the usual breed standard.
  • Dogs that prove to be too aggressive or uncooperative.
Affenpinscher50Finnish Spitz60Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever65
Afghan Hound70Fox Terrier – Smooth35Old English Sheepdog70
Airedale Terrier70Fox Terrier – Wire60Otterhound90
American Bulldog60French Bulldog30Parson Russell Terrier – Smooth35
Anatolian Shepard70German Shepherd – Long75Parson Russell Terrier – Wire50
Australian Cattle Dog60German Shepherd – Short60Pekingese50
Australian Silky Terrier50German Spitz60Pharaoh Hound35
Basenji40Glen of Imaal Terrier60Pinscher35
Basset Griffons60Golden Retriever65Pinscher Miniature30
Basset Hound45Great Dane60Pit Bull Types45
Bearded Collie70Greyhounds45Pointer – Smooth45
Beauceron60Griffon Bruxellois50Pointers – Wire60
Bedlington Terrier60Havanese50Pomeranian45
Belgian Malinois60Hovawart90Poodle Miniature60
Belgian Shepherds – Long75Irish Terrier60Poodle Standard90
Bernese Mountain Dog90Irish Water Spaniel70Poodle Toy50
Bichon Frise50Irish Wolfhound70Pug35
Black Russian Terrier90Italian Greyhound30Pyrenean Mastiff90
Bloodhound60Italian Spinone90Pyrenean Mountain Dog90
Border Collie50Jack Russell – Smooth30Rhodesian Ridgeback60
Borzoi75Jack Russell – Wire50Rottweiler70
Boston Terrier30Japanese Chin45Saint Bernard90
Bouvier90Japanese Shiba Inu35Saluki65
Boxer45Japanese Spitz60Samoyed90
Bracco Italiano60Keeshond75Schipperke35
Bulldog40Kerry Blue Terrier60Schnauzer – Miniature60
Bullmastiff60King Charles Spaniel45Schnauzer – Standard70
Cairn Terrier50Kooikerhondje60Scottish Terrier60
Cavalier King Charles45Kuvasz90Setter English65
Chesapeake Bay Retriever70Labrador Retriever60Setter Gordon65
Chihuahua – Long45Lagotto Romagnolo70Setter Irish65
Chihuahua – Short30Lakeland Terrier60Setters65
Chow90Lancashire Heeler35Shar Pei50
Clumber Spaniel65Landseer90Shetland Sheepdog60
Cocker Spaniel60Lapphunds75Shih Tzu50
Cockers60Large Munsterlander65Siberian Husky75
Collie – Rough75Lhasa Apso50Soft Coat Wheaten Terrier60
Collie – Smooth50Loenberger90Springer Spaniel65
Corgi50Lowchen50Staffordshire Bull Terrier35
Dachsies – Long45Malamutes90Sussex Spaniel65
Dachsies – Smooth30Maltese50Tibetan Spaniel45
Dachsies – Wire35Manchester Terrier30Tibetan Terrier60
Dalmatian45Maremma Sheepdog90Vizslas60
Deerhound60Neapolitan Mastiff60Welsh Terrier60
Doberman Pinscher60Newfoundland90West Highland White Terrier50
Dogue de Bordeaux60Norfolk/Norwich Terriers50Wheaten Terrier60
English Toy Terrier30Norwegian Buhund50Whippet35
Eurasier75Norwegian Elkhound75Yorkshire Terrier50

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