Dog Grooming

  • This starts with a consultation with you first to review your dog’s condition generally and agree together what can be done.
  • A mini health check – just to see if there is anything that might need your or a vet’s attention.  Ear issues, skin infections, ticks, lumps & bumps, etc.
  • A thorough brush out, this is needed to attend to matts, dead hair and general dirt.
  • Ears are cleaned – ear wax is taken care of and excess hair plucked or shaved if needed.
  • Hygiene areas attended to, nails are cut, and pads trimmed and cleaned.
  • Next a lovely warm shower is given, with a shampoo treatment selected to suit your dog’s coat.
  • A deep conditioning creme treatment is then applied if required, to replenish the skin and for maximum glossiness.
  • Next a fluffy drying session with towel and dryer. (We do not cage dry)
  • Finally a professional styling to breed standard or to a style agreed with you.

Hand Stripping

Used mainly for certain coat types, often with wire haired breeds such as Terriers or Cockers. The principle here is to remove dead hair from the root to stimulate new growth.

  • The unwashed dog is handstripped first.
  • Then all the usual grooming steps are followed.

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