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Dog Grooming Services

Our Dog Grooming services are professionally delivered, modern and up to date.

Dog Grooming Treatments at Groomed by Olivier Dog Grooming Blanchardstown D15
Dog & Puppy Grooming

Experienced and professionally trained Dog Grooming

Dog Nail Clipping

Sometimes its difficult to see where exactly to clip – let us do it for you

Dog Hand Stripping

An expert dog grooming technique used mainly for wire haired breeds

Dog Facial/Massage

Choose a deep cleanse mask or a soothing paw massage

Dog Grooming FAQs

All the questions we usually answer are listed below.  Take a look to see exactly what is included in each Dog Grooming Treatment.  If you have any questions just give us a call.

What is included in a Groom?

A mini health check – just to see if there is anything that might need your or a vet’s attention. Ear issues, skin infections, ticks, lumps & bumps, etc.)

  • A thorough brush out, this is needed to attend to matts, dead hair and general dirt.
  • Ears are cleaned – ear wax is taken care of and excess hair plucked or shaved if needed.
  • Hygiene areas attended to, nails are cut, and pads trimmed and cleaned.
  • Next a lovely warm shower is given, with a shampoo treatment selected to suit your dog’s coat.
  • A deep conditioning creme treatment is then applied if required, to replenish the skin and for maximum glossiness.
  • Next a fluffy drying session with towel and dryer. (We do not cage dry)
  • Lastly a styling for breed standard,or a style agreed with you beforehand.

What is the Paw Massage Treatment?

This is ideal for times when a dog’s pads can become dry or rough, such as in Winter.  Of course its good as a special treat at anytime!

The hair between the pads is attended to first.

Then the moisturising gel is applied and massaged softly into each pad.

What is the Dog Facial?
Our lovely blueberry facial hydrates and cleanses.
It has a natural exfoliating and antioxidant effect.
It uses aromatherapy to add to the soothing facial experience.
What is “Hand Stripping”?

This dog grooming technique is used mainly on wire haired breeds such as Terriers or Cockers.

The principle is to remove dead hair in order to stimulate new growth.  The unwashed dog is hand stripped first.
Then all the regular grooming steps are followed.

How much do the Dog Grooming Treatments cost?

All our guide prices are listed here.  We always discuss the price for your  particular dog, before the groom.

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