Dog Grooming Guide Prices

Dog Grooming Prices

The different dog grooming and treatment services we offer are here, including:  Full grooming and styling, puppy grooming, hand stripping, dog facials, dog pad treatment, ear clean treatment and nail clip.

Sample Gift Voucher
Sample Dog Grooming Gift Voucher

We have Dog Grooming Gift Vouchers available as well.

Do bear in mind that additional charges, for extra time, can apply for:

• Dogs with matted coats.
• Sizes and coat types outside breed standard.
• Dogs that prove to be aggressive or uncooperative.

We will always discuss the final price with you before the dog’s groom begins, so contact us now to book your dog grooming appointment.

Affenpinscher€50Finnish Spitz€60Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Ret€65
Afghan Hound€70Fox Terrier – Smooth€35Old English Sheepdog€70
Airedale Terrier€70Fox Terrier – Wire€60Otterhound€90
American Bulldog€60French Bulldog€30Parson Russell Terrier – Smooth€35
Anatolian Shepard€70German Shepherd – Long€75Parson Russell Terrier – Wire€50
Australian Cattle Dog€60German Shepherd – Short€60Pekingese€50
Australian Silky Terrier€50German Spitz€60Pharaoh Hound€35
Basenji€40Glen of Imaal Terrier€60Pinscher€35
Basset Griffons€60Golden Retriever€65Pinscher Miniature€30
Basset Hound€45Great Dane€60Pit Bull Types€45
Bearded Collie€70Greyhounds€45Pointers – Smooth€45
Beauceron€60Griffon Bruxellois€50Pointers – Wire€60
Bedlington Terrier€60Havanese€50Pomeranian€45
Belgian Malinois€60Hovawart€90Poodle Miniature€60
Belgian Shepherds – Long€75Irish Terrier€60Poodle Standard€90
Bernese Mountain Dog€90Irish Water Spaniel€70Poodles Toy€50
Bichon Frise€50Irish Wolfhound€70Pug€35
Black Russian Terrier€90Italian Greyhound€30Pyrenean Mastiff€90
Bloodhound€60Italian Spinone€90Pyrenean Mountain Dog€90
Border Collie€50Jack Russell – Smooth€30Rhodesian Ridgeback€60
Borzoi€75Jack Russell – Wire€50Rottweiler€70
Boston Terrier€30Japanese Chin€45Saint Bernard€90
Bouvier€90Japanese Shiba Inu€35Saluki€65
Boxer€45Japanese Spitz€60Samoyed€90
Bracco Italiano€60Keeshond€75Schipperke€35
Bulldog€40Kerry Blue Terrier€60Schnauzer – Miniature€60
Bullmastiff€60King Charles Spaniel€45Schnauzer – Standard€70
Cairn Terrier€50Kooikerhondje€60Scottish Terrier€60
Cavalier King Charles€45Kuvasz€90Setter English€65
Chesapeake Bay Retriever€70Labrador Retriever€60Setter Gordon€65
Chihuahua – Long€45Lagotto Romagnolo€70Setter Irish€65
Chihuahua – Short€30Lakeland Terrier€60Setters€65
Chow€90Lancashire Heeler€35Shar Pei€50
Clumber Spaniel€65Landseer€90Shetland Sheepdog€60
Cocker Spaniel€60Lapphunds€75Shih Tzu€50
Cockers€60Large Munsterlander€65Siberian Husky€75
Collie – Rough€75Lhasa Apso€50Soft Coat Wheaten Terrier€60
Collie – Smooth€50Loenberger€90Springer Spaniel€65
Corgi€50Lowchen€50Staffordshire Bull Terrier€35
Dachsies – Long€45Malamutes€90Sussex Spaniel€65
Dachsies – Smooth€30Maltese€50Tibetan Spaniel€45
Dachsies – Wire€35Manchester Terrier€30Tibetan Terrier€60
Dalmatian€45Maremma Sheepdog€90Vizslas€60
Deerhound€60Neapolitan Mastiff€60Welsh Terrier€60
Doberman Pinscher€60Newfoundland€90West Highland White Terrier€50
Dogue de Bordeaux€60Norfolk/Norwich Terriers€50Wheaten Terrier€60
English Toy Terrier€30Norwegian Buhund€50Whippet€35
Eurasier€75Norwegian Elkhound€75Yorkshire Terrier€50
Nail Clipping & Ear Clean€10
Puppy Groom (under 6 months)    Small Dog – for 1 hour / Large Dog – for 1 hour€25/€45
Paw Treatment€15
Facial Treatment €10